How to set up hover-preview for bible references on the Website Builder?

This bible reference script comes in handy when bible verses are quoted on the website. This article will show you in a few steps on how to set up Faithlife Reftagger on the church/ministry website. 



1) Grab the code here.


2) Login into the website.


3) Click on the magic button



4) Click on the Design button


5) Click on Custom Code



6) If any code exists then Add the script at the end of the line.  When the script has been pasted to Template Custom code, then click Save Changes. 


7) Add a few Bible References on the Website!


To test this feature, please make sure that the web browser that was used to edit the site is logged out. Alternatively, you can open a Different Web Browser or you can open the site in an incognito mode/Private Page. is not associated with and does not support any of their products.

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